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Storm (FreedomForceNews) on Gab

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Storm (FreedomForceNews) on Gab
concerned about Corona or other virus/issues? CLO2 used for Anthrax in 911, ebola by US Mil, Malaria Red Cross, HIV, Cancer, Autism..etc..most all pathogen based illness are remedied w/CLO2.. there are other methods but to my knowledge CLO2 is the most effective, inexpensive, easy to use and NO side effects other than better health.. https:// freedomforcenews.com/clo2 re the concern over the latest bioweapon corona virus...lets not forget 16 drops of 22.5% Sodium Chlorite aqueous solution activated with citric or stomach acid (hydrochloric) kills Malaria w/100% efficacy when protocol is followed which is Make up 16 drops, add water, drink....
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