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Drawing Random Things as Anime Girls

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The internet was a mistake. This is probably one of the weirder videos I've made with my art skills. Let me know in the comments if you might like more videos like this. I plan on doing this again with anime boys next time, so if you want to comment a random object for me to draw, feel free! Support Echo with coffee: ko-fi.com/echoisweird ❤☕❤ My d̶r̶a̶w̶i̶n̶g̶s̶ internet children: Goldfish: https://ko-fi.com/i/IX8X18XII Golfball-chan: https://ko-fi.com/i/IN4N18XIK Orangepeel-chan: https://ko-fi.com/i/IS6S78XIP Snowflake-chan: https://ko-fi.com/i/IJ3J78XIW Salty-chan: https://ko-fi.com/i/IU7U38XJ0 Pickle-chan: https://ko-fi.com/i/IC1C08XJ7 Art credits: ✨Ebola-chan https://2kaze.deviantart.com/ http://fav.me/d89989e https://leelarungsun.deviantart.com/ http://fav.me/d8fgtqg ✨Earth-chan https://nyanafk.deviantart.com/ http://fav.me/dbxpe9v https://snow-puffs.deviantart.com/ http://fav.me/dbzvic5 ✨Clorox-chan https://kumaartsuu.deviantart.com/ http://fav.me/dbyoykj https://iluqa.deviantart.com/ http://fav.me/dbyvzjd ✨Tidepod-chan https://www.instagram.com/greenpantsu/...
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