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lojii - no ebola (Official Video)

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DOWNLOAD: http://www.weareyoungbloods.com/album/no-ebola IN STORES NOW Directed, shot, and edited by Anaka (@anunaka) - Imagery is Infinite Productions. Additional footage & direction by Kenny Suleimanagich & Meredith Truax. Animation by Ivan Forde. Song produced by NiceGuyxVinny. Written by lojii (FKA uhlife). Our first proper hip-hop release features the poetic talents of uhlife and the pensive minimalism of Soulection producer NiceGuyxVinny. "no ebola" is the first single in a procession towards lojii’s debut album, LOFEYE, out summer 2016 on limited 12” vinyl. Accompanying the release are limited edition t-shirts, in which half of the proceeds go to funding uhlife’s future projects and...
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